Q. What do I have to install to use R&D Maximizer?
A. R&D Maximizer is a web based application that requires just a login and password, and an internet connection to start using it.

Q. Is the information secure?
A. All the information is in encrypted format and is absolutely secure.

Q. Does R&D Maximizer create science reports in the format that can be filed with SR&ED Claim?
A. R&D Maximizer has the ability to create a wide variety of reports that track the technical activities and all costs like wages, contracts, materials, equipment and other non categorized expenses in an organized manner. While the reports generated cannot be submitted directly to the government, it requires an SR&ED expert to review and qualify the activities of the company and present a report with relevant information required by the government.

Q. My computer skills are limited? Can I use R&D Maximizer?
A. R&D Maximizer is an extremely user friendly software which requires no special computer skills to the use it. User guides are also available all throughout the application to assist with the functionality.